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Get organised in 2019

Christmas. The build up. The pressure to get everything just right. Food. Office parties. Food. Diner parties. Food. Time spent with family and friends. Last minute presents for your son's new girlfriend! And then....Boxing Day. Eat, sleep, rave repeat!

But there's something new on the horizon. A time when we will do things different, do things a little bit better, not do some things at all! NEW YEAR! A time when 63% of us will make New Year resolutions, 32% of which will be broken by the end of January!

While the main resolution for most of us will be to loose a few pounds and drink a lot less, there are many other smaller things that we can all do to make our busy lives a little bit easier.

Getting organised on a day to day basis is a great way to free up valuable time that we can spend with friends and family and doing things that we actually want to do. Plan the weekly food shop in advance, make the kids packed lunch the night before, get that holiday booked.

One of the simplest ways to organise your home is to start with your wardrobe. OK, we all know the issues with 'throw away fashion', the social and environmental impact but this doesn't mean you should avoid addressing the issue of those 6 dresses that you've only worn once or the 3 pairs of shoes that don't suit your feet!

There are loads of places where you can take your pre-loved clothes to be recycled or even sell. For more tips and places to do this visit Love Your Clothes.

Then there's the issue of all your accessories. You will inevitably have built up a collection of jewellery and scarfs that overtime have been shoved to the back of your drawers or thrown in to an old shoe box. There are stories our there of people finding rings in charity shops for £5.50 that were donated in a 'box full of stuff' from a New Year clear out that ended up being worth £8000.00!

So lets get organised!

One of the best ways to organise your jewellery is with the Stackers Jewellery Trays.

Stackers Jewellery Trays

Providing a space for all types of jewellery, from necklaces to rings, to charms and watches, the Stackers Jewellery trays are a unique way to store your jewellery so that you will always know what you've got. No more tangled necklaces, no more odd earrings.

And the best thing about Stackers - as your jewellery collection grows, so can your jewellery box! Each layer in the the Stackers collection simply sits on top of the one below. So when you've filled one layer simply add another to take your jewellery box to the next level!

Stackers Jewellery Box Rose Lining

There are currently 5 sections in the Classic Stackers range available - the Lidded Compartment, 25 Section Compartment, 3 Deep Section Compartment, Ring & Bracelet Compartment and the Deep Open Compartment.

Lidded Mink Stacker

By mixing and matching the Stackers Jewellery Trays you will come up with a combination that suits your individual jewellery storage needs.